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We're three days into #. And whatever your social medium, whether Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, 500px, Facebook, or a combination there of, there are several photo challenges that have been listed. So, grab your Canon (first!), Nikon, or iPhone and get to work!

Most notable is Chantelle (@fatmumslim), who has been continually releasing some awesome photo challenges since January this year.

I've attached a few more for the health conscious and food photogs, a photo for Canadian friends, and a photo for gamer buddies. So if you'd like to try some new , or if you have enough spare time to take two photos a day, make sure that you consider these photo challenges.

How many times did I just type “photo challenges”? Damn.


Don't forget to:

  1. #hashtag #theshit #outofeverything #likethis,
  2. Reply to the person who created the challenge, usually noted on the bottom of the list, and
  3. …get your friends involved.

Have Your Own Photo Challenge?

And again, if you'd like for me to post your photo challenge for August, feel free to contact me.


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