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Stickygram in a nutshell: Stickygram is Instagram magnetic awesome-ness!

Remember when I told you about Stickygram a few months ago?

Well, Stickygram was kind enough to send over a sample for me to try out.

And, I received my Stickygram last week, approximately 1 week after I submitted my photo picks from Instagram. Dude, that's pretty fast shipping from UK to California. And I would have posted this sooner, but I didn't want this review to get lost in the Thanksgiving Week shuffle with Black Friday and Cyber Monday taking over Social Media and what not.

Ordering from Stickygram Is Easy

The Stickygram Order Process was super easy. After connecting to my Instagram account, I was prompted to pick 9 photos. The hardest part was picking the 9 photos that I wanted. I actually even logged into Instagram from my phone and added a few more photos for use on my Stickygram. Ha!

You can actually use ANY of your Instagram photos for your Stickygram. Most of my Instagram photos are of my day to day ADHD randomness, so the photos I added were of me with W and close friends.

Once you've selected your photos, you're able to maneuver them around a bit before submitting them. And even after you've locked them in place, you're able to go back and adjust your Instagram photos as needed.

Once you've placed your order, it takes about 7 business days or less to reach your mailbox. How's that for fast shipping.

Stickygram Uses

Now that you know how great Stickygram is, here are a few ways that you can use it:

  1. Stickygram Christmas Presents – I mean, what grandparents don't love having pictures of their grandchildren on display? Really.
  2. Stickygrams Are Kid-Friendly – If you've got kids, it can be hard to keep up with who is doing what chores and to-do lists. Spice things up by placing a Stickygram of each child next to their To-Do list or list of Chores for the week. Or, if you've got multiples, place a Stickygram next to feeding lists, diaper changes, and doctor visits.
  3. Stickygram Goal Reminders – Ever leaned left to the refrigerator when you should have veered right to that exercise bike you've been avoiding? Go ahead and post a Stickygram of the healthier you to your refrigerator. I'm sure you'll be inspired to make better choices.
  4. Instagram Collage – Be artistic and create an Instagram collage of your favorite moments of the year.

Get $2 Off StickyGram

If you decide to be awesome and give StickyGram a try, use this code to save $2: FRIENDDXY9

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