Here's how To add or change your Facebook email address

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You've had a Facebook email address since 2010, or…if you joined after 2010, since the day you created your Facebook account. And chances are, you either never knew about it, or rarely used it. But today, Facebook took it upon itself to change your default Facebook email (probably your Gmail account), to that same Facebook email address that you probably never use – in an effort to quietly “force” you to use their email service.

To add or change your Facebook email address back to your non-Facebook Email Address, you will have to

  1. login to your Facebook account,
  2. access your profile page and click on “Update Info” to view all of your email addresses,
  3. opt to show or hide your Facebook email address, and
  4. opt to show or hide the email address you used previously.


The choice is yours; Facebook just didn't want you to know you had one.

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